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Integrated Intelligence

Game-changing software and solutions that empower financial institutions
to increase profit, reduce risk and expand wallet and market share


Smart Data Analytics

What's your profit potential? Understand your institution's opportunities
and risks with sophisticated intelligence solutions that combine data from any source
to deliver complete 360° views of profitability and relationships.

Understanding and Managing Profit Risk at Every Level

Profit Risk, a concept pioneered by DMA, represents a critical new area of risk management focusing on sustainable profitability and the income statement. DMA designed IDM OnLine to give banks and credit unions of all sizes the information and tools they needed to uncover, understand and manage their Profit Risk and profitability at every level across the entire institution.


Advanced Analytic, Modeling and Reporting Tools

We designed IDM OnLine to give financial institutions of all sizes with the information and insights needed to understand and manage risks to profitability. It provides advanced analytic, modeling and reporting tools focused on Marketing, Sales, Finance, and Management, accessing an integrated big data repository combining current period, historical, and industry data.


Strategic Industry Experience and Expertise

Our Strategic Advisory Services group brings a wealth of industry experience and expertise, ensuring that insights you gain from IDM OnLine are translated into actionable cross-functional plans to improve your Profit and minimize Risk. And we help you get up and running quickly on IDM OnLine with comprehensive training, implementation and customization services.


Our Clients

Who We Help

IDM works with banks and credit unions of all sizes, across the US and Canada. We've helped many clients plan and assess cross-functional efforts to improve their Profit Risk including diversification, business development, marketing campaigns, sales strategies, and product pricing decisions.


Case Studies

Our Case Studies and Use Cases show how we've helped many banks and credit unions to uncover their true sources of profitability, understand and manage their Profit Risk, improve the productivity of their marketing and sales initiatives, and ensure their income is sustainable.


DMA’s IDM OnLline is not just a marketing tool, it's a strategic planning tool that provides targeted data, thus allowing the credit union to set a direction and create goals. Utilizing their campaign tracker is a great tool to review your targeted product results, plus you get to see the other non-targeted products you gained during a specific promotional period.

IDM OnLine’ s in-depth analysis allows us to see where there are opportunities for growth, where we need to make improvements, and areas where we can build deeper relationships with our members. Most of our time utilizing DMA’s user-friendly application is spent on data analysis, providing our Board, CEO and Senior Management with unique reports that helps us make strategic decisions with confidence and keeps us going down the right course

—Sandra Rose, Marketing Project Coordinator U.S. Postal Service Federal Credit Union

DMA has been an invaluable tool for BMI. Information obtained through the DMA analysis has been used to set strategic direction. It has removed the guesswork about our members and about the effectiveness of our service delivery

—Bill Allender, President and CEO BMI Federal Credit Union

I have worked with the staff at DMA for several years through mergers and system conversion and have found that DMA brings a unique blend of knowledge in the finance industry and technical system expertise together.  I don't believe there are many, if any, other companies that have the skill to blend unique data systems and different approaches to analyzing and breaking information down into cost components to the extent DMA can.  They consistently demonstrate the value of their knowledge and the flexibility to work through difficulties.

—Jeremy Oliver, CFO and Senior VP Finance and Operations AgCountry Farm Credit Services

DMA continuously pushes our team to focus on the meaningful data that really drives success for Unitus.  DMA provides our team with a set of metrics that allows us to focus on the most critical aspects of the business and to better understand how each member contributes to the success of our organization.

—Pat Smith, President and CEO Unitus Community Credit Union

First is the breadth and depth of industry knowledge contained within your organization.  But even with all of the industry knowledge, you understand that one size does not fit all.  With each initiative DMA has helped us with our individual market, our membership, our mission, our corporate strengths and challenges, and our ultimate goals are considered.  Understanding the industry and E&A helps DMA to position us for success; it is the difference between consulting and being a full fledged partner.

—Marion Brenner, Chief Operating Officer E & A Credit Union

Working with DMA has been a great experience.  They not only review and report important data/analysis about our membership, but offer ideas and concepts to improve our profitability.  We look at business in a new, more thorough way now that we have partnered with DMA.  We have worked with other MCIF/CRM organizations in the past and have left feeling that we had been given a mountain of information, but no guidance on what to do with the data.  DMA is different.  They give us detailed quarterly reviews and analysis, as well as ideas & concepts specific to our organization to help us improve.  Greg (Hutzell) and all of DMA are just a quick phone call away to run a product idea or clear up confusion for us.  That kind of service sets them apart from the organizations we have worked with in the past.

—Meg Sisco, Vice President Marketing Westerly Community Credit Union

DMA gives us the tools and the advice we need to manage a key component of our business — Profit Risk.  Their system provides us with critical information on branch, product, and member level profitability, and it delivers a variety of membership profile views that enable us to evaluate the effectiveness of our sales efforts.  We use their tools to perform what-if analyses on changes to our sales strategy, product pricing, and branch network.  DMA's experienced team of consultants provides additional value by sharing observations about our performance and advising us on industry best practices.  Our decision to partner with DMA has transformed the way we manage our business and provided the tools we need in today's volatile environment.

—Carrie Birkhofer, President and CEO Bay Federal Credit Union

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DMA works with banks and credit unions across the US and Canada, helping them uncover new insights into their productivity and profitability. Our mission is to give every financial institution access to the analytic models, databases, and expertise formerly available only to large banks.


Ready to learn more? We have a range of data sheets, white papers, case studies, and use cases t DMA and IDM OnLine, and how you can manage risks to your profitability.


Profit Risk Challenge

Want to check on how well your institution manages its Profit Risk? Contact our sales team to see if your institution could benefit from deploying IDM OnLine.


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DMA holds webinars on Profit Risk and a range of industry topics. To attend a webinar or meet us at an industry event, please join our mailing list to receive updates on upcoming events.